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Prime Education has worked with organisations all over the world in a huge variety of sectors, providing personal and professional expertise in international education and training.

Clients from corporations to governments trust us to take care of substantial education and training programmes in English-speaking countries. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating personalised programmes to suit any size and type of business.

As a UK education consultancy, we work with international clients to offer large-scale educational solutions. We provide services including booking academic and vocational courses, managing overseas students and scholarships, co-ordinating English language courses, and offering educational recruitment through Prime Teachers International. Our global education consultancy provides easy and effective education solutions worldwide. We are especially experienced in managing sponsored students who are studying abroad.

All of our services are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ needs. For more information about all of our services, please see our FAQs.

Education and training courses

Prime Education facilitates organisations such as businesses, governments and corporations who want to book academic, vocational or training courses for their employees. We organise and manage the entire project, from finding courses to meet your specific needs to being available around the clock to answer queries and help solve problems that you may encounter.

We have excellent links with a large number of education providers who can deliver the relevant courses for sponsored students, employees or trainees at the highest level, giving them global qualifications. Additionally, our full training consultancy can look after your overseas training projects, from assessing your organisation’s training needs to finding suitable programmes and managing the training programme.

We can book any sort of educational course for either individual or whole groups of sponsored students. Simply tell us your company’s education or training needs and we will help you fulfil them, whether you are sponsoring one student to study in the UK or sending two hundred employees on vocational training overseas. We can find and apply for these courses on your behalf and sort through all the bureaucracy, leaving you more time to take care of business while we take care of the paperwork.

Sponsored student/trainee management

Prime Education pride ourselves on being expert project managers, and we know how to manage large numbers of people who are placed on courses abroad. Many years of experience in the sector means we are able to manage your overseas students, employees or trainees efficiently and reliably.

We can manage students in a supervisory role throughout their studies and implement reporting systems to monitor student attendance and progress. All students placed on educational, vocational or training courses will have a personal relationship with a member of the Prime Education team, who assist in any way they can while the student studies abroad.

This makes us the perfect choice for those looking to make their sponsored student or trainee programmes more manageable, and for any organisations that are considering creating sponsorship programmes. We’ll oversee the entire project and make sure all sponsored students are looked after well.

English language courses

Many businesses, government departments and corporations need their employees to speak English in order to compete in the global market place. We find and organise English language courses for large numbers of students in English-speaking countries, where students can also absorb local culture and learn how to communicate outside the classroom in real-world situations.

Prime Education can find general English courses at any level, from beginning to advanced, as well as organise specialist English courses for specific industries. These have previously included aviation English, oil & gas English, and petrochemical English courses.

Education recruitment

Prime Education runs an international recruitment agency for the international education sector, Prime Teachers. We specialise in recruiting academic staff for overseas educational institutions, providing everything from primary school teachers to university lecturers as well as administrative professionals. If you are looking to recruit staff, you can find out more at Prime Teachers.

Trade missions and delegation visits

Prime Education recognises the value of having an international business with overseas trade links. To this end, we facilitate global connections in two ways: trade missions for UK businesses, and overseas delegation visits.

Prime Education organises trade missions where UK companies are interested in working in a particular sector overseas, and want to meet potential partners. Trade missions are always highly specific and serve to improve the international standing of British businesses overseas, while also giving companies in the visited countries a chance to make global links. They give British companies the opportunity to meet potential trade partners overseas face-to-face, and make key decisions in determining future business relationships. Prime Education arranges meetings with interested parties and puts you in touch with the right people you need to help your business grow abroad, through conferences and global networking. Some of our previous successful trade missions include organising education ventures in Libya for English UK, and the International Unit of Universities UK.

We also offer overseas delegation visits where employees from foreign countries and companies come to visit potential business partners in the UK. We arrange the whole project for you, from booking flights to organising the itinerary. We’ll set up meetings with who you want to meet and when, to help you expand your business overseas and abroad.

For more information about trade missions and delegation visits, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

How we look after your students and trainees


We’ll assess your needs, your sponsored students’ or trainees’ capabilities, and work out the courses that best suit your organization.

Application & Placement

We deal with all applications to educational institutions for academic, vocational and training programmes, as well as for English language courses, and sponsored undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Once students have received offers for their chosen courses, the sponsor or the student can decide what to proceed with. From there, we manage the logistics of placing the student on that course.


We’ll explain exactly what paperwork is needed to get a student visa, and be on hand to offer support and advice as well as assisting in filling out students’ visa application forms.


We can book and organise all travel, from flights to airport transfers. Students can be collected from any airport in the UK and taken where they need to go, to ensure the minimum worry for both student and sponsor.


Prime Education can give guidance for the types of accommodation available to students and take care of all applications for it.

Progress Reports

We can offer a full reporting system on each student, where we monitor their progress and supply you with attendance reports.


Through Endsleigh, one of the biggest providers of student insurance, we make sure all students studying overseas are comprehensively covered in their time abroad, and can offer flexible packages depending on our client’s requirements.


All students studying through Prime Education will be allocated a personal supervisor to guide, support and check up on them. Our supervisors monitor their progress, provide peace of mind, and can also act as financial managers.


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