By Kristin Pedroja

Russian Global Scholarship Fund Opens Doors

Russian students worldwide are taking advantage of the Global Education Program, which gives Russian students access to over 4.4 billion rubles to put towards their education.

This Russian scholarship programme is aimed at students who already have a bachelor or specialist degree and want to study for an advanced degree. It is open to international students who are already enroled in one of 227 approved universities in 27 countries and is available through 2016.

The postgraduate Global Education Program is an exciting prospect both for currently enroled Russian Masters and PhD students and those finishing up an undergraduate degree and searching for their next step. Areas of study include engineering, science, education, social management, and medicine.

Students receive 1.38m rubles (£14,380) per year towards their education, and in return they are asked to return to Russia and work with one of 550 approved Russian-based employers for three years. These include leading scientific organisations, industrial corporations, medical and pharmacological institutions and universities. The approved list of employers is updated and expanded regularly.

Prime Education Ltd is working with this Russian scholarship program to help expedite the application process for students. Applying is tricky, as students must meet strict criteria that include a lengthy application and numerous other elements. Prime Education ensures students are submitting complete and competitive applications.

In the UK, 29 universities are approved for this scholarship program, including Southampton, Queen Mary’s, Leeds, University of York, Durham University and Kings College London. Nearly a third of applications submitted by January 2015 were for UK institutions, with 77% at Masters level and 23% studying for their PhD. A diverse range of UK-based programmes are represented, from cyber security to bioinformatics, international migration to neuroscience, nano-electronics to petroleum engineering.

Prime Education has many years of experience in the global education market, especially with UK institutions. The consultancy offers English language course placement, finds training programmes for a variety of international organisations, and helps international students find the perfect higher education programme for their needs. Prime Education’s partnership with the Russian Global Education Program is an ideal fit for a company that knows and understands the international education sphere and how students present their best selves in their applications.

For more information on the Russian Global Education Program visit their website