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Helping organisations, governments and corporates across the globe to organise their training requirements and academic courses in the UK. We provide a full consultancy and management service for all your training needs or academic courses for your employees. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating personalised programmes to suit any sector or size or organisation. Whatever your organisation’s training needs, we are here to help.

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Guiding and advising international students who are looking to come to the UK to further their education. Whether you want to study an English language course, undergraduate or postgraduate academic programme, we offer a fully comprehensive service to assist you with everything from researching and applying for your chosen course, your visa application and travel arrangements to settling into life as an international student in the UK.

Every successful training project, and every complete student journey, starts with a clear aim and ambitious target.  Our loyal clients around the globe appreciate our wide knowledge and thorough understanding of their training objective. Our international students are reassured by our guidance and assistance when applying for any course.  Our ability to continually deliver promised results will reassure anyone looking for an education and training consultancy to work with.  Together we will achieve your goal.


You will receive an honest and straightforward service, working with our reliable and hugely knowledgeable team, from a genuine, trustworthy company.


We take pride in our reputation and are delighted to be recommended by so many of our clients.  Our highly reputable company offers a first class service.


We are experts in our field offering a professional service to all our clients and students.  You will be in very capable hands with our experienced and qualified team.


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Meet Our Management

Sera Ozmus

Managing Director

Tevfik Sekerci

Commercial Director

Rebekah Lewis

Student Coordinator

Zack Abdul

Training Coordinator

Marc Conway

Client Manager (Government)

Emma McGhin

Marketing Manager

Georgina Tognola

Recruitment Manager

Michael Walsh

Client Manager (Oil & Gas)


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Client Testimonials

Angela Gunn Director, Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools, Saudi Arabia

Prime Teachers worked tirelessly to find the right teachers for our new schools in Saudi Arabia.  These teachers were given a lot of background information before proceeding to the  interview stage, thus avoiding wasting either party's time.  The staff gave good advice throughout the process to both the candidates and ourselves; showing a keen awareness of the complexities of the system in Saudi Arabia. The service given after the initial offers were made was exemplary.

Student Testimonials

Anas Ibrahim El Herma Studying English Language at English Language Centre, York.

I am a Captain in the Special Forces Libyan Army. I hold a scholarship from the Ministry of Defence in Libya in order to study my masters degree in the UK. I didn’t know where to start or how to contact universities on my own and a friend recommended Prime Education to me. This was the best recommendation I ever had as they helped with everything! They organised my English language course, followed by my Masters course as well as helping me with my visa application. I would highly recommend them to any international student.



Expertise is what we offer our clients and students. Unrivalled education & training expertise providing you with the information you need to plan your training or studies.


You will receive a personal service from our dedicated team and will have direct contact with your dedicated consultant. One to one support throughout.


We are flexible to suit different time zones, local customs, all cultures and work with our clients and students to suit you. We are flexible to meet your needs.


The service we provide you is tailored specifically to your needs and customised to your requirements. We custom all services to ensure we cover your exact criteria.


We guarantee an immediate response and are always available to answer your call. Whatever the method of communication, we are available when you need us.

UK Based

Here for both students and trainees throughout their studies offering help, guidance and support 24/ 7. We are here to help you with any problems or changes as you require.

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Prime Education’s key partners include:

University of York
Leeds English Language school
Experience English
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MLS Bournemouth
Study Group

All our English Language providers are accredited by the British Council and are English UK members.